We are a unique, non-profit, organic produce farm with the mission of providing fulfilling vocational opportunities for people with mental disabilities and developmental disabilities, such as Autism, who are in need of a peaceful and therapeutic work environment. Our farm’s goal is to not only provide our clients and our community with affordable, certified organic produce, but to unify us all in a more meaningful way. We are a bio-dynamic farm that is passionate about building community and teaching people the skills that they need to live more sustainable and interconnected lives. We believe in creating a challenging, supportive and inspiring work environment for everyone on our farm. It is our hope that when everyone leaves the farm at the end of the day they will feel proud of what they are growing for our community, as well as feel valued and inspired to make healthy choices in their lives that, in turn, will improve their sense
of personal empowerment. Please join us in our mission to improve our community’s emotional and physical wellness!

You can help support our mission by becoming members of our farm family via our weekly CSA fresh produce box delivery service. Our first deliveries will begin the first week of August 2017! Click here to sign up for our weekly food boxes (which include FREE delivery) and to see the diversity of what we will be growing for you. The more boxes we sell the more meaningful (and much needed) employment opportunities our farm can create. If you are unable to become a member, you can show your support by volunteering, donating (even small donations are HUGELY appreciated), or, simply, by spreading the word to others who might be interested in assisting us in realizing our goals.